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SAM Website and Branding

Skills: Design, Illustration, Copy Writing, UI/UX

Stef Alicia Made (SAM) is a social change content and consulting company that uses design thinking methodology to help leaders build more equitable and inclusive tools to honor the diversity of the company, customers, and communities they serve. SAM works with clients to use their organization’s power and position to change internal structures and narratives to be leaders in their industry and in the push for a more just society. 


As companies have become more socially aware, they have also begun to acknowledge the contributions of marginalized groups, especially those made by people of color. Advertising campaigns and social media posts highlight the contributions of people of color, but many of these campaigns do not provide tangible benefits to the communities they highlight. SAM seeks to provide consulting services to ensure that companies fully honor the diversity of their organization.


This project involved creating Stef Alicia Made’s entire visual identity, including their logo, a style guide, and a website. I worked closely with the founders to ensure that their philosophy was echoed in their branding. Our biggest design priority was legibility. So much of SAM’s value lies in their language and ideology, so text needed to be the focal point of our branding. Our logo uses clear, easy-to-read text, with a circular badge that is legible at nearly all sizes. Our website layout is also as clean as possible, to avoid distracting from our messaging and to ensure that those with disabilities who use assistive technology can access our site. SAM’s color palette is primarily monochrome, to prioritize and emphasize the text. However, we use small spots of color to highlight focal points on our website, such as the illustration on our homepage, our “call to action” button, and the portraits of our team.

In a house outside of space and time, Felix, Mai, and Isabel are tasked with keeping wayward ghosts contained. When a box goes missing (y'know, the one with the severed hand), they must find it before it unleashes an ancient evil.

TALES FROM LIMBO is a five-part supernatural slice-of-life Webtoon that follows Felix (a ghost) Mai (a cat) and Isabel (a human child) as they attempt to care for a house in Limbo, a dimension where time doesn’t exist. Tales from Limbo is the largest independent illustration project I have taken on, and using a medium like Webtoon was no easy feat. Webtoon functions as a mobile-based scrolling comic format, and so I had to innovate new comic techniques that were better suited to vertical format.

Tales from Limbo was first conceptualized in 2020, as a spin-off of another series Sebastian had been writing. We knew early on what direction we wanted it to take- spooky, funny, whimsical, and horrific. It was important to us that the comic reflected our individual aesthetics and senses of humor. Tales from Limbo draws from works such as Scooby Doo, the Addams Family, and classic horror films, blending with our background in animation and narrative-focused illustration.

Tales from Limbo

Skills: Design, Illustration, Fiction Writing, Comic Layout

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